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Nice little earner

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You know the jobs I mean.

A local company have a chubb hercules padlock on their lockup. The ones that look like a house brick. Anyho customer comes in when the padlock stops working, problem is they have 100 staff who all have an avva key to this padlock. Not wanting to buy another padlock and replace all the keys (now that would be good) asked me if there's anything I could do.

Sent one of the keys to Adrian Smith at chubb spares and a week later a new padlock arrived working off the old key.

Chubb charged me £55, I charged £195 and my customer was so happy she is replacing another padlock in the new year, sweet :D

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I once did 500 lamp post keys (Lowe & Fletcher) I used two old automatic Curtis machines, put one on a stool behind me. Turned from one to the other. took no time at all, took the panel of the lamp post outside all worked fine! now that was a nice earner.

I have done several orders since but only for 50's & 60's.



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Same hair style as me :oops:


Dont do the cans , If your going to drink bru in need to be from

a glass bottle, We used to be the distributors for it up here and I think I became addicted to the stuff.


The the day the Doc called to tell me I had diabetes and that sealed my fait. :evil:

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