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j timpsons on the rise and fall of stilleto repairs

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i had a boot in yesterday where the stiletto heel was hanging off, the customer had taken it to another local repairer and been told it would cost 36 quid as they would have to literally strip the whole boot down to do it, which was an absolute pile of balls and in my opinion an excuse to relieve the customer of her money.


we repaired the heel in the normal way for 8 quid! the customer thus went back down and remonstrated with the chap down there and he told her it wouldn't hold and would probably fall off, despite the fact she never showed him the repair :evil:


if i could have got that in writing i would be suing!!!


today, (yes, i was trading on a sunday) another customer brought a mackenzie boot in that she'd yesterday taken to the same repairer where she'd been told that as it was a moulded thru unit they couldn't replace just the heel area and it would cost her 47 quid for the work. :evil:

again, they said if it was done any other way then the job wouldn't be done right :evil: :evil: :evil:


either they truly don't have the ability there to repair properly or they're just out for ripping people off at that particular shop, regardless, if i find they've been slandering either myself or the other repairer in the market then i will be taking steps to have it stopped, even if it means sending a test customer in with a dictaphone. :evil:




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Hugh's right here, off topic is easily done and everyone of us has done it at some stage, it ain't the end of the world as it can be rectified by the moderators. But naming individuals and companies so as to critisise,mock or pure scorn is not ecceptable:period.


If anyone on this forum named my company in a derogatory way, I would sue.. And so would you.

We wouldn't want it done to us, so don't do it to others. It causes tension and ill feeling, and that ain't what this forum is for.

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