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does anyone know if the diabled toilet (radar) keys are available as a precut apart from the Easyturn range and if so what the legge b460 (rst 222) differ number is?


we have to supply a customer 100 of them and i don't particular wanna have to cut that many whilst we're so busy.


if you're not familiar with them they can be seen here.



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Don,t know if this will help,but Keep Able supply Radar keys and give discount according to the amount you order.The cost for 10 is £1.69 each but the more you order the bigger the discount.Their address is,Sterling Park,Predmore Road Brierly Hill,West Midlands DY5 1TB.I haven,t got a phone number but I originally contacted on the web.

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hey napster, cheers dude :D

we got our keys, fantastic service from your firm and at a great price too 8) they also sent us a HD catalogue and an hardware price list which'll be a great help for us especially with some of the locks we've had difficulty sourcing.


just one thing: the packaging was huge for what was inside, reminded me of screwfix :shock: tell your company to think of the environment!!!!


cheers mate and well done :smt041

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