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Lector install and upgrade

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I am in the middle of trying to set up this Lector and a few points have sprung up !


1. In one of the software packs there is a paralell port License dongle, but the cable for the lector was a 9 pin to 9 pin RS232 cable ? Do I need the Dongle ?


2. If I do need the dongle will it run if just plugger into the printer port and leave the other end empty or do I need to use a 9 pin / 25 pin convertor so that the dongle is in line with the Lector.


The instruction are as clear as a bowl of pasta

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the dongle is to protect the software not the machine. there should have been instructions for installing it. you need to plug in to a parallel port to run the software as it will look for it, this is the drawback when you want to use a laptop as newer ones do not have a parallel port. in fact i believe newer computers are dumping the parallel port as well or you could correct me there :?:

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All is well, I ran the thing on com 2 with the dongle in the parrallel port and it worked a treat, Just need to get to grips with the software now. Does anyone have a Key libirary for CB as I am using there new boards and the numbers are all over the place as it is now Alphabetical



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