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Tex-code key failing

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I did a ford tex-code key using a Silca head a couple of weeks ago, and it has just failed!

Customer brought it back, I checked the battery wasn't flat and re-programmed and it worked again.

Is this a 1 off? has any one else had one fail/lose code? I have told him to try it for a few weeks but I am edgy as to him relying on it long term.





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Hi Lee

I use davenport & burgess with a bianci machine and have some simular situations (only 2) but have reprogamed them and the punta's have not come back so presume all is well,only fords though.

yesterday done one for family friend machine said all program and written ok but will not start car so reprogramed and still not starting she's popping back sat., and i'll try different pod to see what happens.

regards paul

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