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November 2006 - time to have your say.

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As with last November its I am polling you on your opinions of the site.


Many changes have taken place since I last asked you what you all thought, including the all new

interactive home page and various layout changes.


So what do you think? What would you change? What do you like / dislike about the site.


Its time to have your say!



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i do spread the word to customers as much as possible. i do know lot of people look at the site without posting at all.


if other companies and reps etc spread the word as much as us there should be 500 members.


in fact that could be a target if everyone gotat least 3 new members would be a force to deal with


lets try

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Well thats a better response than last Novembers poll! thanks to every one!


I have just seen the customer service thingy,


Sort of, Hows my Driving ring 0800 333666999


Dont know how these things work but I use them frequently when I spot bad or inconsiderate driving.


I came up with this idea for two reasons, the first if im honest is that when we do have 2000000000000000 members I might be able to get something out of it! but the 2nd and more immediate reason is I would like to do a direct mail shot to around 1000-1500 address, but this is going to cost a lot of money to attempt and this scheme is a hopefully a way to generate enough money to do it, so JOIN today!



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wait till he sees you advocating superglue for fixing stitched uppers :lol: :lol: :lol:

In that curcumstance it works a treat :wink:


It is a product that is used where all else fails, well almost all.

So tis a means to an end.

All's well that ends well.


Just hope you were using the flexible (or almost slightly flexible)type. :lol:


What's this got to do with a Poll I might ask myself, OK I'll ask.

What's this got to do with a Poll. :wink:

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Forums fine Lee its the best in the uk :wink:

Just one thing......

me thinks there should be just one member from each family :wink:

Imean you dont want son,dad,granpa,great granpa and so on arguing taking up our time do you :lol:


Hey Jo, Hughby n me are paid to keep ya interested, It's a sort of Jehad in the cobblers world :shock: :D :) :( :o :shock: :? :roll:

By the way, just got back from me friday night pint :smt030

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Everything seems fine to me. It's a shame people who visit don't make more of an effort to contribute, but there's not that much you can do about that really.

Keep up the hard work Lee! 8)

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This month I have done a number of changes and as with last November I am asking for your views half way through the month to make sure I haven't made a mistake.


It's a shame people who visit don't make more of an effort to contribute, but there's not that much you can do about that really.


The first is to address Cjm's issue and one we are all aware of.

I have renamed the Guests forum to New Members & Guests, and early indications show this is encouraging new members to make their first postings. Once someone has posted and got a favorable response hopefully they will feel less daunted at making subsequent postings.


The second thing I have done this month is reintroduced the "Shoe Making" section this was tried early on but wasn't used much so was dropped, however I see on the members list we now have a few more from this field so I will give it another go.


The 3rd thing, on recommendation from the moderators is I have started a FAQ section which can be accessed on the navigation bar. read this topic to find out more




So I hope these changes are beneficial to the site, what do you think?



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It's progressing well Lee, still much easier to traverse than many other forums even with my limited skills in forumese.


I take little credit for the way the site is built, the site is made up of two programs, phpBB for the forum operation & MKPortal for the main site.

The two run within each other.

Sadly I spent a large sum of money on a licensed program when I first decided to change the sites layout, but this program simply wasn't as good as these free ones!

However the key to these systems is in modifying them to suit the needs of our site. I have spent day after day getting little modifications up and running (or should that be month after month) & this is where the site becomes tailored to our needs.

So not only in this topic but at any time if anyone has a suggestion or comment let me know! I can't always spot whats needed without a little prompt.



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