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IS200tx cylinder attatchment


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My is200 Cylinder attatchment has gone all loose , you can rotate it about 30 mill back and forward, does it have to go back to gravo or can I " service it myself" any ideas, It happened when one of the guys tried to force a cup round a bit before releasing the grip.

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Huh I already replied to this post before Joe, but it's disappeared


Anyhow you should be able to fix this yourself if your clever enough

I've rectified this problem on my cylindrical attachment, also helped give advice to K4MRC & HIBSJOE on how it's done


Call me at the shop 01684 561100 sometime & I'll talk you through it


You'll need an allen key set & maybe a screwdriver



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What can I say, FANTASTIC.....10 out of 10 Go to the top of the class,


Thank you so much for that information, It took me about 15/20 min and the Job was done, I called Gravo back after waiting 4days for a replacement cylinder attachment and told them not to bother .


This is what its all about, A Donation is on its way



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