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My engraving order sheet is as below:


Once the customer has signed the form, they are agreeing that the item will be engraved with the details as written. Any subsequent spelling issues are not your fault, as long as you've followed what's written!

Also, I usually make sure I write the details too, as I can definately read my own handwriting!

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If I create a box that is a picture square I can put a pic into it that goes into the area edge to edge. If I use one of the shapes like a rectangle with rounded corners and try to insert a pic it does not have the same effect.

Have been trying to get pics into a round edge box for a week now.


Is there a section just for forms as I just use the blank page doc.

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right click the shape you've created then select 'format autoshape' under the subheading 'colours and lines' select the 'colour' drop down menu. then choose fill effects and then select 'picture' on the tabs at the top. from there you can choose which pic you want to insert and it firs into your autoshape perfectly.

hope it helps.


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I think I created the original for this as a simple word document.

When I sent it to the printers, a friend of a friend there tidied it up for me & added consecutive serial numbering in the top right corner.

It's printed in duplicate so that i have one copy to go on the item that's come in to be engraved, the second copy goes on a board I have where the jobs for each day are pinned up.

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