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Personally I think when you work in a shop together appraisels should come on a regular basis, IE. if one of my staff does something exceptional I will give them an appraisel. or Visa versa :evil:

So I wouldn't bother doing it on a yearly basis, I think credit were its due on a regular basis is better. Just my opinion....for what it's worth. :oops:

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It is important that you sit down away from the shop front at a set date each year and go through the years progress with the employee.


Cover timekeeping, attendance, general behaviour, skills learned, skills requiring further tuition, customer interaction, wages, their views on how they are progressing, what their expectations are for next twelve months, etc etc. Keep a record of what training has been given and go through this with them. It is important to get a signature that they have been taught the basics of Health & Safety, particular in reference to machinery and knives (use of knives, storage when not in use,sharpening, disposal of).


Of course it is important to give regular praise when due just as it is important to tell them when they are doing wrong.


Interaction is better than a reaction.

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I concur with Hugh on this occasion. However, I prefer to keep appraisals and salary negotiations seperate. They can often clash and become contentious. :shock:



Never been involved in the Salary side of it Keith but I would have thought that it's akin to giving a child a sweet for being good, the better they are the more goodies they get, which in my mind equates to increased production and profitabilty when applied to the workshop.


Can you give me an instance of where this can go wrong, I'm interested.

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All valid points, I'm concerned although the member of staff is 6 years qualified I feel if I don't cover correct procedure and I sack them they could sue and say i wasn't trined or shown this etc etc , Whilst I consider myself the gordon ramsay of shoe repairs I tend to shout and f and blind when he makes mistakes a trainee would make it beggers belief sometimes when he does these things so I try to explain and he goes into a trance and just says Oh yeah I didn't think, how many times do you show someone some thing before you lose it I could list many things but I wont, I think I will let the wife give the appraisel so as no intimidation is involved

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Sounds to me your not happy with your employee, If they're not up to the job, or can't achieve the standards you require (all the time). Then personally I would get rid.

I'm not sure how I'd go about it in your case though..

Writen warnings leading to dismissel if things didn't change maybe.


But there are probably members on this forum better qualified in this field than me.

As I have only ever sacked one person, that was for thieving, Instant dismissel. He threatened me with court action, but nothing came of it. He wouldn't have had a leg to stand on anyway, as I had proof.


I am fortunate now to have 2 grown up sons, who are excellent and a credit to my company. I would never open a shop and put a non member of my family in it, unless another member of my family was there to keep an eye on things. Pain in the ass :evil:


Good luck Mark.157_cool_cobbler_3.jpg

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This post could be used as evidence in a tribunal for unfair dismissal

be very wary.(constructive dismissal)

Do you want him to succeed?


do you want rid?

6 years in your employment and hes still making mistakes shows YOU in a bad light.(Not a criticism)

I have my brother in law working for me and he does just perfectly

Does what is asked,makes mistakes but dont we all.(even the great make mistakes)

I wish I had someone working with me who had 6 years of repairing shoes under their belt

Send him out to work in one of your friends shops and let him see it from another light if thats possible.

Training is the name of the game,if you cant train him send him to someone who can or invite someone to train him in your premises

take cover............in coming :lol:

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No he's\ only been with me9 months but hes been else where for 6 years, he s a good guy and i am happy with him just the silly things annoy me ,thats all i wondered was should I do an appraisal or not I do show things when then arise I'll leave it at that i think

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Sorry misread that..... :oops:


You are right you can only fix what is broken when you see whats broken

If hes a good guy hes worth keeping and getting him into your way of doin things



ps..If he does a bad job on a repair its you who gets the bad press not his previous employer


And on Mastermind tonight Hibsjo and his special subject "stating the bleedin obvious" :lol:


Its fecking hard this employment mullarky


could you imagine what it must be like if you had 600 shops...........

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some good points there...

I used to train guy's for mr minit.

Every trainee is different and needs to be handled differently.

I could tell within a day wether they were going to make the grade or not.

Attitude is the key... If they have the right attitude, I've got all the time in the world for them. If not, you may as well bang your head against the wall.

Mark, if your guy has a good attitude, I'd stick with him. Give him some TLC (not physically :D )

And stand back and look at yourself... Are you setting the right standards for him to follow?

Are you making this guy dislike you by shouting etc.. if this is the case then there might be unrepairable damage!! and a parting of the ways may be your only option. good working relationships is often the key to a trainee progressing, He enjoy's your company & enjoy's learning & the praise that comes with it.

Take a look at yourself Mark, maybe you could solve your problem from your end.. Just a few thoughts. 8) 157_MARK3_2.jpg 8) 8) 8)

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as said employment issues are a massive minefield, however we are members of the federation of small businesses (£70 per yr think) and they have great advice leaflets, free legal advice and pay or provide accountants for things like vat inspections. worth every penny and more have a look





if you join it covers you and your business so they advise you for personal stuff as well

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