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The future of Gents welted repairs

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Your future repair business as far as gents welted work is concerned has taken a turn for the better this week.


M&S the largest retailer of footwear has brought back genuine English made Goodyear Welted shoes. About 6 styles on display with a superb sectional display shoe that shows just what goes into the process.



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Thanks for bringing us this little snippet, hughby duby. I always think M&S offer a good value for money shoe.

Now with this & the excellent cut away shoe on display, welted shoe repairs must surely start to flow for us.

At £129 retail (is this correct) shown in the image, a £30-£50 repair will show good value for money to the new market of customers buying these shoes.

Did you notice if they where doing a ladies equivalent?



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Ladies styles were a complete mixed bag, no sectional view like the gents.


The ladies shoes were still self service in quantity but the gents section had gone back to traditional "have you got of these in a 9s please"

this display is in a new refit store, one of the Flagship ones and they are hoping that it will be a success to take to all branches.


Tried in desperation to find the manufacturer of the welted ones, looked like Loakes with a touch of Trickers on the Brogues.


Got the attention of the manager when I started to take photos so I had to explain my position. Then asked the staff if they would like a short lesson on the various parts of the display shoe and how they all worked together and how to identify a quality shoe, I was amazed that they had not been told. went away feeling 10 foot tall and a bottle of wine to "boot".


Yes that price was right and it was for fully leather lined and leather insole, a true bargain, but will the customers purchase them over the £65 comfy padded made in China/India ones. I hope so!

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That's just why I took the photos, so I could pass the idea on.

Tried it many many times in the past but it never worked because I used an old repaired shoe and no matter how good the job it always looks dirty, dusty. A pair of new rejects should do the trick.


More difficult than it looks though. It has been made up to look like a section has been routered out after manufacture but in reality it has been assembled like this.


Something I would just love to have a go at, but no longer have a reason or motive to do it other than self satisfaction.


Know what!! I bet those displays in stores with a video and tv showing mops or ironing boards etc would be a good idea in a shoe retail shop showing how the Welted shoe is made. Stick one of those in the window to play after closing and you will guarantee a continual small crowd all night, especially when the pubs thow everybody out.


Once upon a time when I sold shoes I stayed behing doing a stockcount, at 10.30pm the blokes came out of the pub and I sold more in half an hour than I had done all day, couple of pints and they will buy anything if they think it is a bargain. (stuck a temporary Sale notice on the door).

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