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Ski hooks - lace hooks

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I'm new to the forum, and I wonder if any of you can help me. I am constantly asked to replace missing ski hooks on walking or hiking boots, and despite many attempts I have been unable to find a supplier of these. I discovered that Algeos can supply them, but only in quantities of 1,000 - which is rather more than I would use in a lifetime!


I cannot believe that these hooks, that are used so extensively on boots and shoes, are not available - in sensible quantities - somewhere . . . any ideas?

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Thanks Rick! I tried Le Prevo, and although the hooks are not listed in their catalogue, they have been added to the website in the last couple of days - available in 100's at about £2.96/100. They prefer to call them lace hooks, and they don't need a special tool . . . just a tubular rivet to fix! Magic!!

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Do not think that purchasing 1000 is a no go situation.

Cost in bulk is about 2p each or less, you should get your money back after putting just a couple in to Branded boots. Due to not being able to match 1 type I replaced the whole top set, much more cash for that.

Dont matter how many you have left after that, plus you could always sell them on the forum.

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