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I have a cd full of football team logos, Does anyone know how the copyright law works with this?.


The cd was done by a friend I have no idea where he got the images from but they work great with my engraving machines.


I don't want to put any samples of the work in my window if i'm going to get a vist from those nice people at trading standards.


Any Ideas??

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Any professional football club will have copyrighted their badge, and unlicensed or unauthorised duplication will not be permitted.

If you have any smaller local clubs, you could ask them if they will allow you to use their logo, but expect to pay them a licensing fee to be able to do this.

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yes, footie clubs particularly premiership are fierce about copyright so be careful. www.brandsoftheworld had all the teams on their site but they disappeared one day so can only assume they had a warning. the company that makes the key caps enquired about a license but it was stupid money that meant they would have to sell hundreds of thousands of them.

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