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charles birch catalogue

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the new charles birch gift range catalogue should be available this week.

it promises to be better than the old one as they now display the rrp prices alongside a coded wholesale price with all of the items shown. :D


they also claim to have dropped some of the giftware prices 8)


i hope they've finally got stocks of the silver plate trains now :shock:


anyone attending the charles birch open day at leeds in october?


we're going to take a trip down to see what's new :D

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I would love to go to there open day, I found birch to be good supplier until the day they opened a shop 2 miles from me. I dont use them anymore which is a shame....Be carefull that they don't do the same to you!!!!!!!!!!



I think i remember uk900 posting a warning about this some time back :?


Just found it


http://www.shoerepairer.info/bb/viewtop ... c&start=60


Yeah I get it...I was just takin the urin cos I had to read it 3 times to work it out.

You sound like Tony Blair, all round the houses just to say summat simple

I happen to know davenport burgess have never been so busy, Quality blanks, quality backup service, and the range of blanks in stock is second to none


what if gravograph, suregrave,mastergrave,signature see a dowm turn will they all start opening outlets...It aint that easy.


We all know CB has been opening outlets, personly I don't agree with it.

Opening outlets, with good knowledge of there customers accounts???

Bit sneaky if you ask me, Nobody at CB's talks about it "quietly does it"

Who's to say if and when they think they're big enough, they won't start opening up randomly all over the place.....sleeping giant......Not davo's


so if you need summat to worry about. theres a threat just around the corner, and we're all helping them along the way, myself included


I'd like to know what Chris Wilson's comments would be on this subject

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Holy Shit, You must be on Drugs ! Tell me that what I have just read is not true ? The very wholesaler that's selling us the stuff is Spying on our buying patterns and using that information to make key ( sorry for that ) Decisions on where to open it's own retail outlets....Na your pulling my leg

If that really happened all the independant trade would pull there support and force them to decide what side of the fence they were on. If this is true I for one have no interest if filling the pockets of the Poucher.

And I dont care who the sponsor is.


Na....Its a wind up , it must be ?


This topic does not really effect me as I am in the sticks and trust me when I say no one would want to open here , so im only posting because its Wrong for a Dist to try and retail its Gamekeeper turned poucher

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I'm afraid it is true(they trade under Shoe Care), I was a tad upset when I learn't about there plans to open a shop in Ipswich, I called CB but they denied it. I then called the number on there advert for staff and when someone answered I asked them if they had anything todo with CB they said yes.


I called my Rep Dave and told him not to call, He was also a tad upset as we had a good working relationship.... I have not used them since...


Beware is all i'm saying

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Me thinks this trade is full of false profits, Its hard enough with the tax and the vat and what not, but to have a supply partner undermine your efforts..WOW


I am active in a few markets and I have plenty of wholesalers who have a trade counter or maybe 1 retail unit so they can "Test" the market but rolling out shops, thats another thing, I worked for VANGO the tent people 20yrs ago and when we tryed to open our own shops the Customers went mad and we had orders canceled and stock returned on mass.

It nearly broke us but the loyal customers who had helped the company grow showed they could bite back and firmly put us in our place (Back as Wholesalers) The only way a wholesale company can roll out retail stores is with the ongoing income from there Wholesale division, Stop buying there products and there dream of being on the highstreets soon dry up due to lack of income in the core business.

think on pouchers

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Yeah interesting topic this How many shops do they have at the moment? does anyone know?? what are there plans move in on busy areas take over the independents who have good turnover, I know some timpsons staff have gone to them, perso nally I dont use them and haven't seen a rep for about months for me I us T Colledge be interseting to hear from the top boss at birch for his opinion on this and his comments on how hes lost good customers through his behaviour

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Boycotting Cb does not help in the least.


If CB did not purchase shops in viable locations then Timpson probably would. (saves them losing staff for a start).


You would have far more problems if Timpson opened as Chris Wilson has already mentioned as they tend to be their own wholesaler dealing direct with the manufacturers, that in turn reduces the number of outlets that would normally purchase from the UK Wholesalers (as CW has already mentioned again).

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