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Jesus thats road safety gone nuts the first thing most people do when flashed is jump on the brakes, A pile up could happen.......................


Imagine breaking the law in that way to make a point of someone else breaking the law ?


It is a criminal offence to distract another road user in that manner.

Infact it would fall into reckless endangerment charge

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If you have a tail gaiter a safe way of getting them to back of during day time hours is to flick your lights onto side lights, the natural reaction is to think they are your brake lights coming on, and it always gets you another 10'



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i have more trouble from bike riders, especially the courier type than all the other motorists combined :evil:


i'm fed up of almost being winged by them as they weave in and out of the stationary traffic that is so prevalent in my area :evil: and most of 'em don't use any sort of signalling when deciding to overtake or turn :!:


give me the UPS van up yer backside on a country lane anyday :twisted:

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I concur


I would not advocate any of these actions as it could be highly dangerous!


Even when said in jest :evil:


As a bike rider, I would find this to be a potentialy lethal act! :evil:




How many people do you tailgate then overtake on your pushbike then Keith? Now if you'd been a motorcycle rider like myself I'd have said your comment would have made more sense :P

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