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SEPTEMBER 2006 - Exhibition

Will you be at Sandown on the 24th  

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Wherever the location there is always someone who will moan! (me this year)


Last time it was held in Sandown I met a guy who had travelled down from East Fife. well into his 60s, came by train and said it was well worth it as he had not been to one for many years.


I get dissapointed at the diminishing Repair section as Engraving takes over more and more each year. Cant understand why a male would want to stand there with a vibrator in his hand :lol: :lol: :lol: (yeh I know the vibrator is controlled by a computer nowadays)

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Being disapointed because other services are pushing the shoe repair trade to one side is wrong (in my opinion) because if it weren't for the engraving etc, the expo would be dead on its feet.


Not enough call for a shoe repair expo.

most people are looking for something new IE engraving/watch repairs etc.


I haven't been to an expo for many years, that doesn't mean I've lost any enthuseasm for the industry.


I've done quite nicely without them,, and people who don't attend shouldn't be accused of letting the industry down in some way.


After all they contribute to all the exibitors all year round, doesn't mean they have to go to the party :?



I am however going to this expo, mainly because of this forum,


And will judge it accordingly, wether it was worth it or not.


The last one I went to was about 15 years ago in london. can't remember the venue... but I can remember being totally disappointed & bored.


I hope it will be worth while :wink:

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Just because I'm disapointed due to the lack of Repair stands does not mean that I dislike the trend toward other services. I look at the developments with a different objective than most. I look for the next opportunity not the last one. The reason that I get disapointed is due to the great number of exhibitors that are no longer able to exhibit because they have gone out of existance, many great firms, many great names.

Very few about now of the calibre of a Mr Bryan Sperryn.

You will notice that the size now compared to your last visit is now roughly half that it was. There is not the diversity that there once was, when all the new services stood shoulder to shoulder with Shoe Repairs and Keys. No longer are Repair materials stacked up for examination by a dozen or so wholesalers and manufacturers. Still a good show though, it's just that it means more to a different breed of personell now. Nice to see and talk to aquantances and pick up the odd tip about some new idea or product.

A 12 hour round trip aint worth that though.

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It's always the case when someone retires, they always look back at "the good old days"

I don't say that sarcastically, It happen's to all of us, I don't like my kids music.

things move on or move out.

It is nice to reminisce though, but I for one have never heard of Mr Bryan Sperryn.

The days when there was a repairer in every street has well and truly gone. I personally prefere the future, and whats around the corner.

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I have been to every cutting edge show for years, no matter where the location is. 3, 4, 5 & 6 hours each way. you have to make a day out of it.

Seeing whats available & whats going on has encouraged me to start things like engraving & other services (after the trends had started) and I have never regretted starting any of them!

I have compared various machines which may not have been brought until some time later, but store what I have seen until needed.

Found a couple of products members had been asking about last year.

However for any smaller company to consider exhibiting is incredibly expensive (as I'm finding out!) as competition is stiffer and stiffer and margins for them are getting tighter I expect there's a lot of companies out there who simply can't afford to be there. however In my opinion this is good because the quality of the exhibition is a credit to those involved.

And the show hasn't diminished in size in the years I've been attending the venues dictate how many stands can be accompanied & I've never seen a half full hall!

Don't forget to visit our stand at 12.30 for our free prize raffle (see home page) it might just make the journey all the more worth while.



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Maybe it's the size of the stand that has diminished!

Davies & Co had a huge stand with sheet rubber that would cover the entire floor of the venue.

Whitfield Whylie had an enormous stand as did and still do, Standard Engineering.

To say I'm remin-hissing is quite true, but that does not mean that I dont think that todays shows are no better than previous, just less volume. I also welcome, and grasp, and take on board, new ideas far faster than my critics could possibly imagine. Take Watches for example, I have more interest in that discipline than I ever had in Shoe Repairs.

I notice that the Multiples are doing Jewelry repairs, now there is another hobby that looks like I can develop more easily, just hope that suppliers have a stand on the next exhibition just for me :lol:

I also have a hobby of Casting small objects like broken shoe ornaments, buckles keys etc, but I have to wait until the great exhibition at the NEC for those stands. Not forward looking!!!! ME!!!! Oh dear, I've been sending out the wrong vibes, or is it a case of conclusion jumping because I'm an old Cobbler :wink:

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I would like to go but as its on the other side of the world from hibsjo, its means flying up an down the same day. Is it far from gatwick as this is the only cheap flight i can get, work won't stump up the cash :evil: ?

if i do go hope to see sum of you guys there. :? won't know whatr any of you will look like rite enuff :lol: .

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Watch out for the bloke signing up with a Fountain Pen, It just might be the Poison Dwarf.


How about a WEBCAM on the stand so those who dare not go can watch the events unfold from the comfort of their armchair and bacon butties.

Who knows, next year every one may have a Webcam!


If we see any attempt upon your lfe we can all shout "He's behind you Lee"

in true panto tradition.

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