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I currently have 19 of the Davenport-burgess key boards to display my key blanks



However the boards are beginning to fade and are looking a little dated.

I am considering replacing then, probably with replacement davenports boards.

But was wandering what other suppliers boards look like, and how easy they are to adapt to your own configuration etc.

if you have an alternative system can you post an image for me to have a look at?



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What about just using the hooks from davos boards, and designing you own, Would be easy really. :D

You could still use peg board, but fix it to a mdf backing, that way you could space the hooks closer together. It' the hooks you get with the pegboard that are to wide, one hook takes up 3 holes. using davo hooks this wouldn't be the case :wink:

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i think what napster is saying is how long to do a peg board!!!

i think use d.b boards, up to date no probs finding keys and update them as the new boards come out,.,., then fading isnt a problem.

i have yellow and orange - strange mix but effective

and i have about 23 of them.


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k4mrc, when you do swap your boards, how long does it take you to get used to them?

I don't have a very good memory for key numbers, but instinctively know where to find blanks after years of use. My biggest fear is not finding blanks quickly after a re-suffle.



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Beter the devil you know.

How long have they taken to fade, and is there any way to cut down direct sunlight if this is the problem?

My davenport's boards are out of direct sunlight & still look the same colour they were when new 10 years ago.

If you install your own boards & hooks you'll lose all the hook & key numbers on the boards, also the key images behind, which you probably don't think you take too much notice of. Until they're gone??

Just my thoughts!


Also, will Davenports supply new fronts for the boards which you could just stick over? I also thought I'd heard that they could supply the boards in blue rather than orange. Am I making this up, and would that fade less?

Why not ask if they can reprint in a more lightfast ink.

If you don't ask, you'll never know.


And as I say, I'd do everything possible to keep your current board layout that you're used to.

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hi lee - usually i put the old board out back and whittle it down - there are old keys that get used from time to time and i charge a little more for them (5B 6B )

as to getting used to where the keys move to i tend to think of it as progression, i;e it's nice to have to think, change is as good as a rest.

also i find when d,burgss change there boards it turns out more orgainised.

but i really have limited space so it's a good thing.

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i think what napster is saying is how long to do a peg board!!!






Make a simple attachement for the end of your chordless drill to hold the hook's and it will take you about 1/2 hour to put the hooks in :wink:

Drill a decent Pilot hole first though :roll:


A small bit of tube with a slot cut in one side to hold the bend of the hook. :D




The tube would need to be smaller in diameter than the picture shows. :D


God I need help :smt031

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o-k good little tool,


but to peg the board - label the key no's then hook no's would take forever!

if your as busy in your shops as u say - i'm saying i got better things to do, and dav burgss boards work!! work it out or waste your time up to u

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thought you did, lee probaly has all the time in the world as he is not vat reg,

but any one opening a shop or trying to get more out of there key cutting businesses i always advise to use dav burgss - there number one for keys and the back up knowledge is 2nd to none!

when i 1st started i used a peg board and old key boards that i got my hands on, but found it to be very unproffesional - finding keys after a night out was hard!

in fact it was something you yourself said (uk900) to a mutual friend (simon) about d,bgss key boards got me using them. and i have been to the trade shows and seen other suppliers boards - even tried cb boards with some crazy deal they offered me - but d,b is the best

also good morning early birds....

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Timpsons use pegboards, and they look awesome. If your prepared to put the time in, It's well worth making your own boards.


I've always been loyal to davo's k4mrc , As I've said in previous posts if you look though :wink:

My son and I paid £525 for the day with Stu if you remember.. We out bidded you :lol: ..Money going to Cancer research by the way :D :D


Don't know what your on about with the (simon) thing. :oops:


Lee seems to have his head screwed on so I though he would be capable

of making his own boards,, Don't suit everyone though :shock:


PS I don't think someones vat status had anything to do with this post, and its his personal business and not anyone elses :wink:

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steady guys, you're in danger of straying off topic.....


And in this month's newsletter from Davenports I see you can get key boards in the following colours: Orange, green, buff, indigo, blue, grey, gold, aquamarine and harvest yellow. Blimey!

I thought it was Henry Ford style, any colour you liked as long as it was orange!


Now to investigate if I can get the colour of my boards changed to match the shop!!

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Thank you for your comments and feedback.


If required, replacement board sheets can be ordered at £5 per board.


We are testing screen printing for future board prints as these should last much longer if exposed to direct sunlight.


I have uploaded a colour swatch for our board range (pdf format), please click the below link.


http://www.davenport-burgess.com/binder1.pdf (8 pages)

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Our current board range is:


KBHN (household/cylinder, 2 boards)

KBCA (metal top auto, 3 boards)

KBR (rubber top auto, 1 board)

KBSL (beginners lever & bit, 1 board)

KBL (lever & bit, 3 boards) - more comprehensive than KBSL

WLKB (window lock keys, 12" x 16", 1 board)

KBP (100 hook plain, 1 board)

CKB1 (K440 Union 3 Lever, 1 board)

FYKB (Funkeys, 1 12" x 16" board) Specify wall or counter display

GYKB (Glokeys, 1 12" x 16" board) Specify wall or counter display

NKMB (Novelty keys multiboard, 1 board)

FGKB (Flagkeys, 1 12" x 16" board) Specify wall or counter display

RD7 (Rotary dispenser, hold 4 boards)

WD5 (Glokeys, 1 12" x 16" board) Specify wall or counter display

WD7 (Rotary dispenser, hold 7 boards)


Prices vary on amount of blanks per hook - 2, 5 or 10.

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