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Is Auto Locksmithing an option for your business?  

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I've been doing Vehicle Key & Remote Programming for the last few years, using Advanced Diagnostics AD100 device

The progression has been to become an Auto Locksmith, is anyone else doing this,

It is very profitable as the last two jobs have grossed in £200 for a key blank spend of less than a £1


See my edited signiture below

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Ditto Terry

as you know John in my shop does the vehicular stuff, very lucrative,

I tend to do the domestic stuff again lucrative.

I was called out this morning to a guy 5mins walk away from the shop he had lost his keys to his outhouse(its where he grows his tomatos) 15mins later in the door lock replaced thank you very much,

how much?

the same price for full leather sole and heel with new welts...................

UK has a point with whats in a name our trading name is JD KEYS fits the bill

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as you know i also delve a little,,

yes it's very lucrative! :P

but as you also run a shop you have to invest in staff to be able to go mobile!

i have 2 full time and 1 part time staff and still find i have to juggle to be able to do cars.

in fact i have turned down some jobs due to long hard hours keeping up with all the other things i do.

so yes invest in all this and that - but think of staff.

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