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No-one stocks it!!

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So mant times do we now find that a wholesaler does not stock a particular item due to lack of demand. We therefore have to do without.


If we get together a list of those items that we have have difficulty in obtaining then that may be enough of a demand over the forum as a whole to put a request to a wholesaler to purchase those items for us on a deposit paid order to confirm the genuine enquiry.

Any thoughts as there must be many products that are in demand nationaly but are not worth holding on a local basis.

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Taps for tap shoes, used to get these from both Healys & CharlieB


Neither now stock them :cry: I have ALL the local trade for fitting & swopping taps from one pair to another, this position is slipping away because I simply can not get new taps. I am still fitting them, its just the local dance shop is beginning to get the sales of new taps as I am running out.

Birchs rep told me they couldn't do them at a competitive price, any price is competitive if yours is the only price!!!!



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I was in Paris recently and found a raft of Topy product that I think would fit well with those quality shoe repairers, ie, the JR brigade, no offense meant btw. :wink:


Especially the PU tops and some loverly micro type sheeting! excellent quality. according to certain nameless people in the trade, they are simply 'not worth bringing in' :shock: Maybe they are listening to the reps and not the customers?


How do you know if no ones seen them :?



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ascap - as far as tax goes if you are vat registered and give them (the wholesaler) your number to check beforehand you will not have to pay them vat, if not you will have to pay belgian vat which i believe is higher than ours at 19%. because there is free trade within the ec you then just cart it back here with no extra to pay.


this only counts for goods that originated within the ec, any produced outside the ec may attract extra tax


as for trips i believe at least one of the local societyies (Thames Valley) did this but not sure if they still do

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