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Watch Repair

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Had a mate bring his watch back - I'd fitted a new battery a couple of weeks ago & it had stopped.

Checked & the battery was fine, just couldn't get it to restart.


What would anyone else do in this situation?


He said (it was only an old work watch, so nothing to lose) 'give it a squirt of WD40'.

After some uming & aahing, i did so & it started straight away!

Would you recommend / advise against this?


It was only an old watch which would otherwise have been thrown away, so it didn't matter if it had not worked. As it did can I now use this on any watch which won't restart?


Thoughts please.

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Guest brentlee

i usually use a bit of zippo fluid or shellite on the gears. just a small drop usually does the trick. The catch is if that starts it then the watch needs a service or maybe cheaper to replace movement as its only a quick fix in most cases



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I'm with brentlee on that one, suggesting to the customer that the watch has developed a fault and will need a service.

Then I simply replace the movement, especially as they cost (in most cases) so little. and If you have ever taken apart a quartz movement with the patience it requires you will be with me on the just replace it train of thought.

Incidently if the customer moans "but you only put it in last week etc" I say the fault must have already started to develope and must have caused the previous battery to drain and that is why it needed replacing.



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