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Sharpening machines

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Just thought I'd let you know. following a recent trip to Paris for a French Shoe Repair Exhibition, I sourced a supplier of some sharpening machines. the likes of which I haven't seen and impressed me greatly.


However, there was a catch, they were pricey.


I would be interested to know what you guys are currently using, the narrow band on your finisher will be one :wink: or have you another machine?


I used to use one that i purchased from a tool Company years ago which earned me a fortune!


your thoughts ?



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For shears I always clean up the surface of the blade & angled fall away (don't know the technical names for these) with a Naumkeag & then use the 100 grit on the actual cutting edge.

Always had great success with this & sharpening shears is one of my greatest lines in the summer months.


For scissors I use a 15 year old 100 grit band which is now smooth as a babys bum.


& I hate doing chisels as I use a stone after grinding & it takes ages.


I would be very interested in looking at your machine (subject to price of cause)

I think my main use would be for Knives, Scissors & Chisels i.e. finer blades rather than shears or lawn mower blades.


I had seen a grinder at the cutting edge show about 3-4 years ago, lost the details and was hoping to take a second look a year later but they didn't exhibit



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Guest k@lsb

try using a good set of files. ................ yes files....heavy grit.down to fine, will sharpen better than any band or machine. have done it this way for years.if you are a locksmith,or a half deceny key cutter you will have a set of good files................but a good file takes years of use to produce, so get a spare set for sharpening........try it and see youreself. great tip.

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Guest colincobbler


you should use an angled guide for sharpening chisels or planer bits; i use one myself and they're excellent.


you just fit the chisel into the tool and rub along your stone.


you can buy theses at screwfix or B and Q.

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For Garden Shears I used an angle grinder but had a junior cut his arm from wrist to elbow with leaving the sharpened section in the vice when serviving another customer, beware.


Best device I have tested was an american one with various guides for Knives , Scissors, Plane Irons, Chisels, Axws. The video that was enclosed was the most informative that I have ever seen and I leaned a great deal from it. I though I was quite good at sharpening as I had sharpened Chisels and Plane Irons for years (as I imagine ascap has).

The yanks however taught me how to do it correctly.


The amount of money that is available providing that you do the marketing correctly is enormous, catering colledge's, pubs, cafes, etc etc,

all bring work that is on a repeat basis.

Get it right and you have another arrow to your bow, get it wrong or just play at it and that is all you will do, just play at it.


A very strong word of caution: DO NOT USE ABRASIVE BANDS for sharpening customers tools, ACCIDENTS WILL HAPPEN due to worn bands. Use a grinding wheel and get your certificate for the Abrasive Wheels Act (needed if you are going to sharpen tools in a proper way)

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