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i was asked by my ju jitsu sensei if i knew where he could obtain large rolls of vinyl suitable for covering the exercise mats we use during training. can anyone help?

i had a close look at the stuff and it looks like vinyl on a fabric backing that is possibly self adhesive.

cheers, rick.

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There is a manufacturer in Bacup (Waterfoot district) that makes this stuff.

cant remember the name or address at the moment but it is on Burnley road East, on the right hand side going from Bacup to Burnley. about 1 mile out of the centre of Waterfoot.

They have a showroom with all samples, facinating place.

The rolls are about 5 foot wide. Cant remember the minimum lenght though.

Threw 2 rolls away 3 weeks ago in Beige colour, probably about 5 yards on each roll.


The self adhesive bit may be difficult as I think what you may have is perished applied adhesive that resembles self adhesive coatings (goes sticky).


If I can remember more or find the info I will re-post but dont build your hopes up.

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