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I recently had this problem. It turned out that the customers husband had picked up the shoes previously but didn't have the ticket with him. I have now produced a sheet that details date,ticket number, name, address. repair and price for the time customers come in to collect without a ticket.

I suppose that if the evidence weighed strongly against me and after the customer had checked around her/his home for the shoes,I would probably offer a new pair of equivelant shoes from the shop. (I'm a retailer as well)

I made up this proforma a month ago and have had 8 occasions of ticketless customers already.

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I am pleased to say I have never lost a pair of shoes in 25 years in the trade.


If anyone ever comes back without a ticket I ask them to provide ID with their name and address on and then fill their details along with a description of the item collected in a book I have especially for this situation and have them sign.. to confirm they have taken said item.


No ID and the item goes no where.

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only twice have we ever had to pay out for shoes.

in each case we offered the customer about twenty quid and a tenner respectively, as the law says you only have to offer what the shoes were worth at the time of repair, you don't have to pay for a brand new pair.


both times the customer accepted.


if they hadn't then we would've informed them that it would have to go through the insurance which could take a hell of a lot longer and that it would be more inconvenient for them as they would have to provide receipts and other details.


it's important that the customer is aware that you know YOUR rights under the law as well as theirs. if they think you're unaware and that they have a hold on you then they will take advantage in most cases.


that said, we shouldn't be losing shoes, should we? but then again, the world isn't perfect and to err is to be human :)



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a gentleman came in to collect his missus shoes,he had a ticket,but just

cant find them.Ive asked him to come back in a couple of days so i can

look for them.If i cant find them what are your policy on lost shoes,how

do you decide on a price as the shoes are now second hand.


what would you lot do? :-({|=



the bloke came back in today and said sorry they wernt black shoes they

were brown with a buckle on,they were sitting on the shelf in front of me.

i suppose it was my thought for losing the ticket whilst repairing them.It

does go show that customers dont always remember what shoes they brought in.I was happy that i didnt have to pay out for a new pair of shoes

they were from JONES which are quite expesive shoes,second hand i think

i would have had to pay her 30-50 quid.

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Pleased to hear of result for the 'lost' shoes. Just goes to show how easy it is to put doubt in your own mind, especially when the customer insists they are right. Are you putting a system in place for people picking up shoes without a ticket?

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