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Customers own PU tops....

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Hi all,


How much do you all charge when a customer brings their own PU tops in? We'v had more and more of this over the last 12months.


We charge the same price as normal (£4.99)


Its very rare they don't have them done or complain, i just wondered what you lot charge?

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First of all HI and Welcome is7000, good to have you on board!


I personally do the same as you, charge the same. If a customer queries this I say that often the heels supplied by the manufacturers in some case's take more labour. But provided you don't tell them the price is the same often they don't realise anyway.



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We also charge £4.99 the same as normal, You wouldn't take a bag of spuds to your chippy and ask them to cook them cheaper. or take your own food to a restaurant. :?


£4.99 ? I thought you charged more than the multiples?


No I said infact sometimes we charge more than the multiples :smt112

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