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Driving home today a thought entered my head, not a bad one for a senile old git.

Is there any way that when a second user vehicle is purchased that Transponder/Crypto keys that the previous owner may still have can be rendered useless?


I was wondering in relation to vehicle theft as there is nothing to stop someone with a spare key and remote fob from driving off with your vehicle.


If they drove the vehicle away with keys is the new owner covered by insurance? I once had a customer that this happened to before he had chance to get it covered by insurance.

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The answer is Yes


Car for sale has three key, car is sold & new owner is given only two keys, the seller has retained one key

New owner gets his two keys reprogrammed to car (by way of diagnostic equipment), the one key retained by seller will still unlock the car & turn the ignition, but the engine will not start


Here's something that Ford owners can do themselves

Should you loose a key it is possible to erase it from the immobiliser’s memory by doing the following. Once again you still need 2 working keys.

1) Insert key 1 and turn to on for about 1-2 seconds. Switch off and remove the key.

2) Insert key 2 and turn to on for about 1-2 seconds. Switch off. Now turn back On for a further 1-2 seconds, off, and remove the key.

3) Insert key 1 and turn to on. The LED in the clock will flash rapidly for 5 seconds. Once the LED stops turn off and you're done.


All keys except for the 2 used during this procedure will be cleared.


Tel (Full of Info)

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There should be a similiar proceedure for the Mercedes & BMW Vehicles, but these would need reprogramming at the dealership at present, Landrover & Rover however use the 10AS & 5AS (respectively) Immobiliser Systems, by way of a Radio Frequency Remote Control,

these can also be reprogrammed (using diagnostics) to knockout any remote fobs that are not in the owners possession



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I see TeL from your avatar your a bit of a mud plugger, did a bit of that my self, but living here in east anglia, not to many hills and green laneing was too dull, I preferred dropping of the edge of a mountain! and that meant to long a journey. Snettertons just up the road from me so got a track dayer this year...




So hugh do you muddy-do-it-too?



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