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Difficult one to call! perhaps a good look at the cutting edge exhibition this year would pay dividends.


I believe all hardos are still 3 phase (probably wrong on that) which means if your on single phase an extra expence and extra box to go wrong. ( although I have a 3 phase outsole stitcher using an inducer which has never let me down)


Hardo = Imported

700 = UK


How are you for supporting British engineering? has your 700 ever let you down? (you know which one I would buy now)



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Hardo is the better engineered.

700 was made by Whitfield Whylie and is probably the most predominant finisher in the UK. Standard the new owners may not want to keep this model running indefinately but I cant speak for them.


At the present time, parts are easy to obtain for the 700 and as Messers Timpson rely on hundreds of the things I dont forsee an early end to the parts situation.

I certainly would not go down the road of single phase unless 3 phase was not accessible.

Hardo has a good reputation in the Ortho trade.


Personally I would go for one that had a heated Iron, bayonet cutters, heated waxpot, bottom scouring roll and 3 polishing brushes/mops along with the normal black & brown pads and brushes, oh and a seperrate Knaumkeg and breaster. Now when was the last time I saw one of those machines? :smt119

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Its half a dozen of one half a dozen of the other!


As with all machinery there is never a clear winner, base your decision on price, availability, and specification. BUT make sure you look at all options, you will be standing in front of it for many years!



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......... difficult to remain impartial here!! I would agree with some of the comments made, however, there's a few that are dubious in my opinion.


As far as engineering is concerned, I do not concur with the Hardo necassarily being better engineered overall. The early German made Hardo's are certainly as well made as 'Power' machines. I'm not sure if the all the current Hardo range is made in their own factory?


As far as the 700 is concerned, improvements have been made throughout it's History and is currently better made than ever, with more development still to come. Our current lines of machines are in use all over the world in many industries including, shoe repairs, orthotics and engineering and are well respected. The proof is in the pudding.


When repairers look at prices, they often look directly at price and not whats behind it, and whats included in the whole package. That often gets overlooked and in my opinion is fundermental to any decision when spending 5 or 10 grand !For the record, in 1992, the price for the 700

finisher was £200 less than the current list price!! :shock: How's that for



As far as single and three phase is concerned, there are more options than converters and I will happily discuss those with any potential customer. single phase motors are better than they used to be and are certainly more reliable than they used to be. We can of course supply both.


Does this sound like a sales pitch ? I hope not, difficult to remain informative without selling :wink:

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at the moment i am using a old 700 it is three phase i use a converter which has caused me no problems at all in the 5 years i have had it


How can you say it's a 3 phase if it has a converter??????????

Are you saying you have a converter to convert it to single phase.


Sorry kieth but you will never get me sold on a single phase machine no matter how good you claim the motors are nowadays. I've burnt too many of them out, changed too many converters, had too many bandscourers stop when putting pressure on them constantly to even think that they COULD be OK.

I'm a fan of the 700 3 phase.


No-ones mentioned running costs over the like of the machine.

Maintenance and Electricity costs!!!!

If you dont have 3 phase in the shop then you probably aint going to pay to get it in now but if you do have it then the weekly running costs are cheaper. Think about this for when the Electricity prices give you a shock and you think of going back to the Standard Treadle Finisher, tis rumoured that kieth still has some for sale. :wink:

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I have a 700 single phase bullet proof.

used to have an old Rafflenbuel beautiful machine again single phase bullet proof.

Trained on a old Hess finisher and bencher single phase but burned motors on these.

Scary stories motors burning out,all that work building up while you wait for replacement(how much for one of them then boys)

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A nice answer Keith, Not toooooooooooo selly! :lol:


Its interesting that so far in this topic its all been about the 700 :idea:

(and single v's 3 phase) does it really matter! wire it in and switch it on!


Good luck with the new machine, no better a feeling in the shoe repair trade than the day that Baby arrives.



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sorry been away for couple of weeks so haven't entered the debate on finishers, at least thats what i thought this thread started as? how did it escalate to naff customers and stapling people?


anyway just to put the record striaght for Hardo, they are all made in house and not made anywhere but their factory id bad salzuflen.

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