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damn those goddamn era keys!!!!!!!!!!!

i've had almost a half a bag's worth returned recently :evil:

i too now have the new ones, why the hell aren't our suppliers more up to speed with informing us about these things though??????? anyone'd think we were bloody psychic.

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I was also caught with the ERA, fortunately I did "spot the difference" and saved a refund, but it did cost me a blank,


so thats one blank here, one blank there, half a dozen in this town, 200 in this county, several thousand in that country.........................

perhaps it pays our suppliers not to tell us! :twisted:



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there has been an increase in ERA keys recently which have the letter 'R' and a number on the head.


I got in a batch of what I thought was the correct blank (genuine ERA one too!) davenports number GL047 which had the 'R' and looked identical.


first one I cut wouldn't enter the lock the bit was two wide, I had to use blank ref (again Davenports) L537



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rick u better double double check

its really confusing there are 4 blanks alltogether but heres the catch

2 blanks have R on and 2 have L on, look extremely close at bit there is a slight diffeerence at the bottom of the bit one is higher than other

and there is a jump in price there excuse is one set is original era 98p and other is 55p

i also use NWK and he told me all of this

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