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can anybody help me to track down a blank for a dom master key? our local council wants a load cutting but i can't seem to find a good match in my catalogues, there're just too many that are similar to this one!!!!!!

the only thing i can give that may be of help is the code from the key which is W355174 and GMK (grand master key).


i actually checked dom's website and it makes mention of a new series of locks that are patented till 2023, there's nothing on the customer's key which says that this particular key is a patented one though. otherwise i'd give up now. :?

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correction :oops: i can get these keys from laidlaws myself, they only deal with trade generally.

£9.50 each 8) not bad methinks.


i'm glad we actually took this as far as we did. over the year we get a few cylinder keys in with the laidlaw details on so at least now we know we can provide them to our customers.


if anyone else wants to locate keys supplied only by laidlaw then this chap should be able to help you there: michael.thew@laidlaw.net very nice and helpful fella. :D

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