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glass cutters

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I was recently struggling with my glass engraving - took a few runs over before it cut into the glass properly.

Bought a new cutter (from Mastergrave) - works fine first time.

Lesson learnt (again) don't be a skinflint with cutters, they DO wear out, and think about not how old a cutter is, but how much it's earnt you in the 3/6/9 months you've had it!

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sorry Rick - a bit of confusion reading your post! :?


Maybe Mastergrave don't buy their cutters from our supplier.

I have dealt with our our supplier for nearly 15 years now and have never had any complaints.


Glad to have helped you, let me know if you need anything else

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Kev, i'm interested in your point about glass cutters. we use mastergraves composite rotating diamond and never had problems. But you know of a better one? I think we pay about £45 for ours. I could do with a glass cutter that performs cleanly at nearly full speed. Is there such a cutter? I have the mastergrave universal.

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