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Whitfield 700

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Hi hibsjo


postcard on way but not price for sound deadening as this is a complicated science.

we could place sound proofing on your machine but reducing noise is not easy as soundproofing may have to be placed around shop to help. noise is a bit like water it travels until it hits something then reflects so you have to stop noise where it reflects if you cannot stop it at source. quite often noise bounces from inside the counter and you have to proof the counter. saying that, if you get it right it makes a big difference. you might like to experiment sometime with micro, listen and see where you think the noise is coming from, place some micro there and see what happens. incidentally the material we use is the same as that used in recording studios, you may be able to find some locally. it is very similar to micro and it absorbs sound like a sponge absorbs water

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