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pet tags

Guest mark

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Do you know what some daft cow said to me today , she was in France and they lost their dog(arrrr) it was lost for over a week and do you know why out there? because the red coati ng on the aliminium tag had worn and who found the dog couldn't read the number well i said sorry about that let me redo it i said when did you have it engraved what do you think she said A f:@xxIng year and a half ago i said you did well these do eventually wear you know she said it should have lasted longer i said you only get a year guarantee with a new washing machine so i said shove it up your arse did i do wrong you tell me.By the way she had 5 done in total but only moaned about one this was at 9.30am sat morning she screwed my morning up the stuck up b


how long do you give on your tags out there

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Guest Iain Cheall

Me too!!!!! the only thing I guarantee is my spelling. I always make the customer write out their engraving details and double check it with them if it looks wrong (there are some strangely spelt words out there), then i engrave it letter for letter. After that well thats up to them.

I once had a bloke come back saying that it had worn off because it was rubbing against another disc that he got from the canine league, what was I going to do about it. I sold him a bigger split ring and a new disc saying that the other one was damaged by him not me. RESULT :D

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