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pu tops 101

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I haven't noticed (as yet) a rise in the 101pins, but I do one of two things.


Either run a 2.6mm drill down the barrel (usually available from a GOOD tool merchant) to make a 115 barrel, this is my own preferred method.


or skim the pin of the PU top down with the machine. personally my own last resort is a new barrel and the complications this can throw up.



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What you think are .101 pin tubes are in fact made for .110 pin size PU tops.


These are made in the UK for the Chinese manufacturers of footwear.

(beats me as to why they cant do them themselves but they have not mastered the injection moulding proccess for these tops as yet.


(for info only)


If the above post is 'for information only' why the need to delete?



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Guest brentlee

Supertap make their pegged toplifts in heaps of pin sizes. For the 110 tubes you would need the blue coloured pins me thinks


their pin sizes are as follows


aqua 104 & 265

blue 11 & 280

copper 115 & 295

gold 12 & 305

silver 13 & 330

green 145 & 370


this info i got from randy lipson in the U.S.A as the boxes we get in oz dont list the pin sizes


hope this helps.



ps do your suppliers supply supertaps??

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These are quite common with a few well know High Street retailers and I think the topic has been covered a couple of times.


Brentlee, there are a couple of those sizes that the 1st number is a 2 digit one should this be3 diget and if so what is the missing diget. What is the second larger number for? is this the lenght of the pin or the size of the top-piece?. (good reference article but have you not posted it before? I seem to recall something similiar earlier on)

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