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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all New to the forum and I have a very annoying problem that I hope someone can help with... We've recently started doing in house engraving. Everything has been going fine, but I've been trying to practice on watch cases. The problem is that I set up the plate, use the point and shoot circle feature, which creates a nice circle for me. I enter text inside the circle (lines of text of going around the inside of the circle) and test the path. The laser pointer draws the circle perfectly and the text looks to be in the right place. However, when I delete the circle and actually engrave the text, it's off centre by about 5mm, always to the left. I don't understand why the machine gets confused between the test and the actual engraving. It's driving me crazy and any help would be greatly appreciated! Image attached for reference. Thanks in advance.
  2. were the hooks any good to you rick

    1. kobblers


      Sorry, mate - only just read your message.

      I wasn't asking for myself, it was so other members knew if you'd be willing to post. Sorry for any confusion!


  3. Matt@Silca

    Engraving Kit for Futura



    This is a brochure providing information about the new engraving kit available for both the Silca Futura and Futura Pro machines.
  4. Hi all trying to increase my portfolio of engraveable images. Currently looking for RAF Station or RAF Squadrons crests. Ready to go preferable but high resolution images that I can rasterise is ok. thanks Steve
  5. Full/Part Time Vacancy for Key Cutter,Engraver,Shoe Repairer in our Blandford Forum Branch. We are looking for someone with Experience working in the Industry. Extra Training given if needed. Salary will depend on experience. For Immediate Start Contact Scott or Gerry 07747 488588
  6. Hi there I am looking to franchise my shoe repair and key cutting businesses in the southside of glasgow. This is a great opportunity for someone who is motivated and looking to make good money. Must be experienced in all types of shoe repair, key cutting and watch battery replacement. Above all must be friendly and have excellent customer care. I am looking to take a couple of years out, need a rest after 35 years! After initial franchise period would be willing to sell if you would be interested. Please contact me by email to find out the details. tiptop19633@yahoo.co.uk Thanks James
  7. We are looking for an experienced shoe repairer to manage our shop in Midsomer Norton, Somerset. Call on 07854942089 for more details or message me.
  8. Hi everyone I live and work as a teacher in Bangkok, Thailand. I am interested in starting a new business doing pet tags at market stalls in Bangkok. But, I have no idea what engraving machine I require. I have seen some mini cnc engraving machines on ebay such as 3 AXIS 3040T-DQ CNC ROUTER ENGRAVER that are a good price, but I don't know if they are appropiate. Any help and advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks Phil
  9. Looking for a Gravograph M40. Have a quote for a new one. Just wanted to know if anyone had any second hand ones. Price dependent on age and conditions
  10. Hi All Im hoping one of you could help me. Basically ive recently taken over the responsibility of engraving for our company since our previous engraver has left. Im finding it jolly good fun as it co-insides with my artistic side. However certain things I am having to work out as I go as both myself and the previous engraver are both self taught apart from abit of tuition from an engineer when we first got our machine and finally ive got abit stuck. I’m having a problem engraving a brass plaque 0.5mm thick as the normal hard metal cutter won’t cut deep enough. So I want to use a Tungsten Carbide tip (semi circular nib). The problem im having is a simply don’t know how to properly set a consistent depth since the drill bit has no spring just a nosecone. I figured the depth must be set in Surelab Pro (v7.1) somewhere but I just don’t know what setting(s) im looking for or what to change. Helpfully our previous engraver didn’t cover this with me in the handover and has simply put on the notes to 'Set the machine as per manual'….which manual is that?!? Any tutorials or advise on how to cut a slightly deeper depth into Brass using Surlab Pro and a Rotation S Machine. Thanks in advance. Regards, John