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  1. Thanks Bren, it hasn’t worked like that with the application though. It goes on your job and where you have experience in the last 5 years. You get a code for your current role and they match that up against what they need. There’s only a few at the minute which is mainly care work
  2. Hi Mark, sorry I didn’t see that. I’ve just replied, thanks for that
  3. Thanks, it’s been so hit and miss with points. We scored 408 and just before we applied it was as low as 350 but the last draw was 750. Hoping they’re behind on quota for the end of year and lower it again. I suppose that could be an option and look at different job codes, thanks!
  4. Hi, I’ve applied to Canada. I’m in the pool so just waiting for them to lower the requirement score to get in. I believe there’s no call for cobblers over there so will be looking at something different
  5. Hi, I’ve not posted before so I’m not sure if this is in the right place. I’m looking to sell a busy shoe repairs and key cutting in Wigan Town Centre due to Emigrating. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated. If you would like more info call us on 07458329885. Thanks in advance
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