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  1. We just fishing for what these machines are worth ATM, to see if they are scrap, have no value or have a value that makes them worth selling, the Marker 2000 seems to be desirable based on the amount of PM's we have had about it, so to be clear they are not for sale at this stage. Once we have an idea of there value then they would be advertised appropriately on this site in order to adhere to the TOC's. Thanks
  2. Its been over a week so hopefully any objections would have been raised by now, thank you to those that have responded above. So here is what I have so far, needless to say faced with someone taking action the list of machines 'not used' has somewhat diminished as people have remembered they are needed - but I will keep revisiting that as we have a Futura pro now that can do the work of nearly all the other machines, I just need to get people trained up and weaned off these older machines. Here is what I have so far: Silca GT40 Cylinder Silca Marker 2000 Key Stamper Perseo Ilco/Orion Tibbe Bollini Torus B Cylinder Silca Speedy Cylinder Silca Delta 2000 M Ford/Abus/Abloy - Discuss Silca Viper Lazer keys With the objective of being open and honest the GT40 is probably scrap as I am informed the last time someone tried to turn it on it demonstrated a desire to self combust - so spares or repair, or door stop. The Bollini and the Silca Speedy look like museum pieces and I've struggled to find anything meaningful about them. The Delta 2000 and the Perseo are probably useful and have some value, and the Viper is still a pretty up to date kit its just that we had the Futura Pro when we merged making the Viper we inherited redundant. So have at it please and let me know what you think. Thanks
  3. Apologies if this is the wrong place please move if appropriate but after some investigation this forum is where I have found myself directed to. After merging two locksmith businesses and updating some key cutting machines we find ourselves with a glut of second hand key machines (about 20) now surplus to requirements, I'll not list them here just yet as I would imagine there will be protocols around this and at this stage I'm just trying to find out if they have a market value, some are old and may not be worth much save maybe a start-up on limited budget and some are quality machines through to semi automated Silca kit that's still very usable (we just have better alternatives). So would it be appropriate for me to post a list of those machines here with a view to the community giving me an idea what there market value is, I'm thinking that with the current day supply problems they may be more appealing. I've poked around the T7C's and am aware there is a selling protocol to actually advertise to sell which is based on rep of which we currently have none and charitable donations, but of course the danger is buy opening this up to discussing the specific machines it could end up with people contacting us with a view to purchasing said equipment, so I wont discuss them further until I get some feedback. As I say I want to find out what there worth first before deciding if its then worth our time to sell them but with so many now redundant they are at the very least taking up space in our main workshop. I've recently returned to the company after a small 30 year break and so am a fresh pair of eyes looking at these things and asking questions hence the impetus. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.
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