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  1. Hi All, I raised a support ticket here on the Forum on October 20th and again on Octber 29th, but not heard anything back as of yet. At that time, my entire "inbox & sent" disappeared. I am currently receiving new emails, but would still love to be able to access past emails and replies ... Does anyone know if Support can help with this sort of thing, or has anyone else had this happen and been able to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  2. Oh my, that's an awful lot to deal with in such a very short space of time. I'm so sorry to read this. Wishing you much strength and brighter days ahead.
  3. We sharpen cutters also. Matt Blackman "MatterGrave" (Ex Mastergrave)
  4. I think I AM an actual IDIOT! as I've just read the whole thread from the very beginning,not realising until just now, that it's a topic from 11 years ago!
  5. Tring Shoe Repairs is literally slap bang on the border between Bucks & Herts (if that is an appropriate location/distance for your customer..)
  6. Oooooh! Not tried this way, will definately give this a go. (The sprout AND Marmite haters will have their teeth curling up just reading this!! )
  7. This is "Sprout School" speak Keith! , so I'm taking this up a notch ... Par boiled for 2 minutes, then oven roasted with a drizzle of olive oil and a wee bit of butter, salt, pepper and bacon/lardons . Then for the last few minutes of roasting, spritz some Balsamic vinegar on them and grate some parmesan cheese over them! Give the green fellas a good messing about in the roasting tray. Sprout Nirvana (I did these once for a friend who doesn't like sprouts...I was hopeful...however he still reckoned they looked better at the bottom of the bin )
  8. A Festive Factoid... " In 2014, Stuart Kettell pushed a Brussels sprout up mount Snowdon with his nose for charity. The climb took four days 22 hours and used 20 sprouts" (Are we just calling them "Sprouts" now though?)
  9. I wonder if it was an old term for "A Cobblers or Shoemakers Assistant/Helper"? like a "Stable Hand" is in the Equine world?
  10. I'd have told them to come back in 20 minutes and made them a pair out of 2 bin liners a staple gun and a lenght of string, then demand to know what's wrong with their face!!
  11. The sort of question that would be enough to drive anyone round the bend! (Everone should carry a spare steering wheel though....you know, just in case! )
  12. A nice watch/read for a few minutes over an afternoon cup of tea. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/the-great-engravers/
  13. Thanks Keith! "Brave New World" Hope you are keeping well.
  14. Hello from Cambridgeshire! I work with Matt Blackman (who is Ex Mastergrave). Can't wait for all businesses to hopefully get back to some kind of normality over the coming few months . Looking forward to learning from the different forums on here.
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