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  1. we have a Canadian saying based on our countries love of the "F" word. " The F...ing, F...ers, F...ed!!" roughly translated it means.... well you get the picture. It is irreparable.
  2. I'm about to begin making a new leaf spring for my Simplex Sole stitcher. I purchased some spring stock from a gunsmith supplier in USA. Dixie Gun Works. Peter Coulson, please don't tell me this is the one part you have a stock of...lol. I am seeking confirmation from someone who HAS 1 of these machines, regarding the placement of the 2 long bars shown in the first picture. Notice the dog or point on one is slightly longer that the other. Though I am reasonable SURE that these 2 bars are in the correct order, with the longer bar at the rear of the machine, I'd appreciate it if someon
  3. lol...Thanks everyone. Canadian English has migrated from the Queen's English.
  4. with your help I'm sure I'll soon become you-tube certified!!! Brent
  5. Peter Coulson, has been kind enough to supply me with a copy of a long lost manual for a very old Simplex sole stitcher. I wish to thank him publicly. I will need the help of this group translating the 100 year old English phrases and terms used in The manual, as follows: What is a cop, as in reference to:" from the cop the thread goes....." . Is a cop a ball of thread? What do they mean when they speak of a " well mellowed sole" ?? What is a "channel" in reference to stitching on a well mellowed sole using thread from a cop? Thank you all in advance, I am a hob
  6. Peter,

    Your manual has lifted the veil of ignorance from my eyes. Things that I had pondered for hours were made clear. I'll let you know of my progress as I set this old machine up. 

    Thanks again.


    Brent Chalmers

    Edmonton, Canada

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    2. Brent


      This machine must have been difficult to set up because there is not much wear anywhere. I suspected there would be a groove worn in the thread pincher/plunger....none. none of the pivot holes are work elliptical etc.

      I do have a question as I'm setting this machine up...

      How thick a thread should I use? I suspect I will never resole a shoe, probably just stitch 3 layers of leather together for a sandal sole, like a leather flip-flop; as Americans call them. BTW we knew them as thongs till a particular ladies undergarment became popular.


      Thanks for the help, I can see a light at the end.



    3. petercoulson


      We only use a nylon thread here just about equivalent to a 5 cord (1.6mm)

    4. Brent



      Do you need any wax or lubricant with nylon thread??

      This machine goes to great efforts to ensure that thread is well bathed lubricant. Using nylon thread will reduce the need to have oil in the thread oiler and make the shuttle warming element redundant then won't it?

      That heating element looked like an electrical disaster waiting to happen.

      Thanks for all your help!


  7. That's IT!!!! Wow what a god-send!! I have owned that machine for 2 years. I had just about given up on it. This manual will help a lot!!! Thanks again, Brent
  8. Does anyone have a manual for this machine? It works well mechanically and it will sew a couple of stitches if I nurse the thread tension along. I'm unsure if I am threading it correctly and if I have the thread guides as illustrated in picture #2 adjusted properly.
  9. Does anyone have a manual for this machine. I think it is a Simplex or Standard outsoler. Everything works well mechanically, except i don't exactly know how to thread it.
  10. Hi Mark. I'm a newbie. How do I post a question to a specific forum?


    1. MarkD


      Looks like if you click on Create in the top right and then select Topic it gives you a choice of forum.

    2. Brent


      Thanks Mark. I figured this out shortly after I posted to you.


  11. who has a copy of teh manual for this simplex machine?? would someone share a copy?? Thanks, Brent Edmonton, Canada
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