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  1. hi everybody I'm looking to buy a mvp pro my tel: 07999093794 thanks Dan
  2. Yes you can cut the three star on both machine and also you can get the blanks from Devonport or SKS
  3. Wl066 is the Davenport and Burgess reference number
  4. I got mine instacode from Davenport Burgess and now I wouldn't be without it Call Tony @ Davenport and Burgess 07572216446
  5. I don't have any for sale but they're all downloadable on instacode all you have to do is print them off I had to print some off the other day for a special key
  6. Hi everyone just wondered if anyone has got a old multi lock compact machine they would like to sell? If you have send me a message many thanks Dan
  7. We cut these keys at my shop if you're still struggling to find it
  8. Hey there I Hope everyone's is doing ok I'm looking for a abloy classic decoding chart as somehow I've lost mine If anyone could help me I'll be very grateful Dan
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