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  1. Fingers crossed for everyone that business remain and recover
  2. my sincere condolences, so sorry for your loss, heart felt thoughts for you and family, keep safe all of you
  3. Bloody hell was trying to work out who gray was, so sorry Graham haven't see you in year's
  4. Hey all, just thought I would introduce myself, name David Cawthray, owner of Denbigh Locksmith's over in North Wales, joiner for 37 years and started locksmithing last 5 years so still lots to learn, decided to take the plunge into key cutting but been cutting keys mobile for all the locks I installed and the one off key cut while your here cinario situations, set up the workshop with counter and boards so it's all work in progress, anyway thanks again and I'm sure I will be pestering you all, just included a few pictures,
  5. Thank you so much everyone will try kWI 1 looks very close, thx
  6. Hey guys, new to the forums I'm trying to ID this key, any help would be appreciated
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