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  1. Hi all, does anyone know if there is a key blank for desco oil tank lock
  2. Master key fitted nicley, padlock was a master as he brought it in, the Yale on the key through me, and thx i have made a folder with all the Lk ref down, helps in the shop at times, thanks everyone for the help
  3. from the keys i have here in front of me and have been maked from aldridge the left one is a amk2 the right is a amk1
  4. This came for me so WAN-1D looks good http://www.intolocks.co.uk/keys-accessories/dimple-cylinder-key/jma-wanjin-dimple-key-blank-hooply-wan-1d
  5. Did a Google search came up with ecawards https://ecawards.co.uk/product/acrylic-rainbow-award-on-rainbow-base/
  6. Fingers crossed for everyone that business remain and recover
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