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  1. Master key fitted nicley, padlock was a master as he brought it in, the Yale on the key through me, and thx i have made a folder with all the Lk ref down, helps in the shop at times, thanks everyone for the help
  2. any idea on blank id guys ID apparentley its a yale padlock
  3. original blanks available and silca er5
  4. from the keys i have here in front of me and have been maked from aldridge the left one is a amk2 the right is a amk1
  5. This came for me so WAN-1D looks good http://www.intolocks.co.uk/keys-accessories/dimple-cylinder-key/jma-wanjin-dimple-key-blank-hooply-wan-1d
  6. Did a Google search came up with ecawards https://ecawards.co.uk/product/acrylic-rainbow-award-on-rainbow-base/
  7. Fingers crossed for everyone that business remain and recover
  8. my sincere condolences, so sorry for your loss, heart felt thoughts for you and family, keep safe all of you
  9. Bloody hell was trying to work out who gray was, so sorry Graham haven't see you in year's
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