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  1. Hey everyone hope you are all doing well. I was just wondering if anyone on here runs their own YouTube channel? I have been doing mine for around 8/9 months and have several videos up of various repairs. Would love to see other people's channels and what they do. If people want to post their channels on this thread we can help to get all our subscribers up. IL leave a couple of links to my latest 2 videos I just uploaded today. Thanks guys CobblerG
  2. Hey there guys. Brand new to this forum and just wanted to post a quick message to say hi and to introduce myself. I have been in the shoe repair industry for almost 2 years now and I have to say I have completely fallen in love with the craft. I have been recording and putting out a few videos on my YouTube channel and would love it if some of you would check it out. Currently looking to scale up my subscribers count! Hope everyone has a fantastic day. I have left a few links to the latest videos for you to check out. Many thanks Mark Gibson Links: tdNs1u9bZCg
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