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  1. It’s good to see a young lad with passion for the trade , can’t fault his efforts , I’m not sure about the Finnish though , ok for military camo I suppose
  2. We have two Timpson shops , ( one a pod , outside Tesco ) near 2 us , there over priced & generally crap at what they do , does annoy me though when customers come to us moaning about how much they paid for repairs & keys while using them.How poor there repair was , & the rubbish service they received, After 30 years it’s like banging my head against the wall . they may take some business at first ; but hang in there & benefit from there greed & sloppiness given time
  3. Very similar here , were in a small shopping complex so customers are nervous of crowding together . It’s been steady but not as busy as it should , only positive the repair side would be quiet anyway this time of year , plus , working reduced hours my golfs coming on a treat
  4. Did the same , Birches ; colledge , Sks ,Davenport’s , all squared away , only fair ,plus got no bills hanging over our heads , put the grant money away for the next quarter rent & tax owed .hopefully re opening Fri although local council are a pain in the ass.
  5. Such a shame but understandable, have missed the show over the last couple of years , always good to source new products & see some old friends , can honestly say my business has definitely benefited from the show over the years . Hopefully back , bigger & stronger in the future
  6. Looks like early June for us , no point in opening if not many general public to accommodate. Spent the last few weeks re- vamping the shop inside & out , + the work shop at home . Feeling positive about our trade in the future. Hope the public will support us small local shops , this is our 30th year of trading ; hopefully a few left in us yet . Stay safe Guys
  7. This was a pair of similar cross trainers that we repaired in the summer , vibrates unit from Birches
  8. Just wondering if any of my fellow repairers could recommend someone or company who could do replacement stiletto heels on a pair of thigh high black leather boots that have been trashed,there are no zips in them so need a proper heel attachment machine to do the job . They seem an expensive pair so price shouldn’t be a problem , within reason .many thanks Jon
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