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  1. Also thanks - Yes the smal problems of life. If one have to live from 850.- €uro monthly ist is sometimes not so easy. We also look for an key like this. We try ro save 5.-€ for some spare keys. We neet that for the healthy-service to come in on emergenzy. 30.- € monthley goes out for the new cleaning machine in zhe moment. But in 2 Years we think the money for thre extra Keys shoult be come in. Inbetween we try to find some cheaper ke blanks - the last spare key 7 Years ago was at the prise of 12.- €uro. The prices gots up - but no money comes in - thats life! in our days
  2. Hi! Thank You! The Problem is - evva - is the "top-dog" (Platzhirsch in german) here - and as so often in Austria prices are "controled" That means - you have to pay 43.- €uro for one spare key in the newer times if you got ther key blank from evva directly. (Altanlagen-Zuschlag Altschließanlagen-Zuschlag is the magic word therefore...) This phenomen is an european phenomen - but specialy an Austrian - to pay a lot for nothing. (You can find - spare parts which cost some cents in US - costs 20 Euro and more in Europe. Bearing, seals and such parts are often in a "controled" market in Europe. The possibility of chanding the hole system is academic - but thanks - the systems in such Houses are very big - and for one single user; how should he manage this??! The idea is not bad - and the best way would be to change to an other supplier - international or german. The marked control there is not so strong there as in Austria (the same old story not only "since 1919" like evva) I changed my key sytem on my private doors this way - maybe I have to go to a metalworking company - it should be always cheaper to pay 43.- € for one key or 200.- for 5 pcs !! (Another possibility is to contact the "Arbeiterkammer" - but the more argument for equal prices as for fair prices in our ideological homecountry...) If somebody can tell me the code for a Key blank (ein Schlüsselrohling - Rohling means "uncutted") it will be fine - Thanks
  3. Hello! Do anybody know the Code of this EVVA key blank I think it origins in the 1970ies. maybe 1965 - this is when our Hous was build Kind regards from Styria Austria Schöne Grüße aus Steiermark steirabua (german; deutsch: Kennt jemand diesen Schlüssel Rohling von EVVA?) more keywords: identify keyblank key blank ID keycutting Evva series ewa serie Schlüssel Schlüsseldienst Schlüssel-nachmachen
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