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  1. thanks for your help i will try that - i have to agree they are excellent boots
  2. hi i am using rm williams leather conditioner which has bees wax in it - Am i right in saying then you don't recommend a tan boot polish in addition ?
  3. Hi i was wondering if the wise heads can help me out - as being a locksmith i don't know much about shoe care i bought my self some RM williams boots (kangaroo leather in tan colour) at size 17 they were special order and cost a fortune !! i was advised that because its kangaroo leather - i shouldn't use shoe polish !! and use rm williams leather conditioner instead - which i have been doing all though this puts a shine on the put - there is water stains on the leather (a white stain line) - The question is will i be alright applying a tan leather polish on the boot or will this ruin them many thanks lee
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