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  1. Hi thanks for that tony, we do use the other side of the jaws to cut double sided keys but I tend to struggle with the smaller keys that have "fine grooves" or even worse "fine offset grooves" I was just wondering if the quatro jaws had a finer grip point on them that would allow easier control of the blank ?
  2. We've got the keyline retro easy cylinder key cutting machine, been a brilliant little machine, I do struggle a little with the smaller narrower double sided keys though, the clamp is a little on the big side? I have seen that there is a 4 way clamp for the quattro. 1. Does the 4 way clamp have narrower jaws than the standard 2 way clamp 2. Can I retro fit a set of 4 way clamps to the original easy retro? Thanks in advance
  3. Thank you we always deal with Davenports anyway, I just wanted to guage people's experience of that model b4 I convince the boss to pay £9k Do you have the engraving attachment with yours? I like the idea of it but I could save a bit of money if it's not that good of a product Thanks in advance
  4. Does anyone on here use the keyline ninja total? I'm after a bit of feedback regarding how easy it is to use, and also whether it will cut double sided cylinder keys? We need a key machine to start doing household dimple keys but ideally would like one that could replace our keyline retro cylinder machine? Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks, I was thinking a UL2, any idea what the original make of key is ?
  6. Hi Just wondering if anyone can help to ID the key attached? It's just a logo on the key (looks like the Microsoft windows logo) Thanks in advance
  7. I can confirm it wasn't that, I gave the key blanks to the person who fitted the lock I'll get the old cylinder back in the next couple of days so I'll have a nosey and see what I can work out
  8. Quick update, I gave the customer all the blanks (or equivalent) to try and none would go in?? After thinking about it a bit more that could only mean there was a issue with the cylinder!! I had a new securit nightlatch cylinder in stock so popped that out the packaging and UL1 fits straight in, cut the key to match the new set and all working perfect. Baffled my head this one and I still cant understand why the original securit keys fit the cylinder and no others would ?? Thanks again for all your advice and recommendations
  9. Hi Yes they are normally HD keys, I tried the slim one as well but still didn't work (UN5D SLM) Got me baffled has this one!! Thanks again
  10. That's what I thought, but UL1 wont work on this lock? It physically wont fit in the lock! I've always used UL1 on Securit and never had a problem before?? It is a new lock they have had fitted so I'm wondering if Securit have changed the key profile recently?? Thanks again
  11. Any suggestions on a cross reference for the pictured? It's a securit key, I've always used UL1 on Securit in the past but UL1 and UL1 slim won't fit this particular lock ( not sure if it's a new design lock etc ) Thanks in advance
  12. Thank you to everyone for their help with this key I ended up cutting it off a PT035, Davenport code (also a special thank to kobblers who supplied me with a set of pre-cut blanks for some other mobility scooters going forward)
  13. That's great to know is your full set pre cut? So I can duplicate them and keep them as the master copies?
  14. Brill thanks for the link, ideally I'm looking to cut them myself as we have a mobility shop just opened nearby and I would like to get all their work
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