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  1. Ha sold it for £400, so thats not bad considering it was given to me free, so ive now bought the xhorse condor dolphin, which was about as much as i can afford at the moment
  2. Thanks Graham, im in a very bad state of health so im not really good with humour at the moment, no offence taken, thanks for the info
  3. MVP Pro for sale, with all the dongles,, smart dongle and cables etc, can post at cost, selling cheap as its now out of tokens, all very good condition and working fine, £500, will make a donation if sold
  4. Thanks very much to you guys for your info on this, it was given to me free and in very good condition, i have a good supplier for blades and cutters , but i wont be using the machine to be honest as i have other machines, just wanted to find info on it really, thanks again for your help guys.
  5. really are some idiots on this site, with spare time on there hands, nothing else to do but make sarcastic remarks, ive had enough of it here
  6. I have just been given a Chacka Bay Cut To Code Machine in very good working condition, the problem is, I have no idea how to cut keys with this machine, no instructions or manual available, and the key database in the machine means nothing to me, I would really like to get into cut to code car keys so any advice or help would be most welcome, also if anyone can point me in the right direction where i can learn about sight reading laser cut keys that would be a great help to me, also, where can I get mechanical key codes, in the mean time i will carry on manually cutting, thanks in advance.
  7. Can anyone tell me if the Silca delta 2000 SA can cut double edged car keys please, many people tell me that it cant do them, so i thought i would ask the experts here, thank you.
  8. if i cant find spare parts then i have a fully equipped workshop to make most parts
  9. i just enjoy restoring older type machines, its more of a hobby really
  10. I just bought this machine very cheap for a restoration project and need to identify what model it is, the plate on the back is not very readable but where it says model, it looks like it says FRICEL and serial number 407085, to me it looks very similar to the KD 50, any help appreciated.
  11. I just bought an Ilco KD50-C for £50 and i want to do a full restoration on it, can anyone recommend a supplier of spare parts for this machine, thanks in advance
  12. do you still have any of these machines for sale ?
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