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  1. Thanks very much Graham, i have digtal vernier calipers and will give it a go as you say, thanks again.
  2. I have been in the car key cutting business for only 6 months so im still learning, i can cut the laser and tibbe keys with no problem, but when it comes to cutting double edged Citroen type keys i always have a problem with them, as they never copy correctly and dont work in the locks, i have a Silca Rekord plus machine that i bought to do those type of keys, and have no user manual on how to operate it and set the keys up, so i am loosing a lot of customers by not being able to do them, i would really appreciate any help or advice, thanks in advance
  3. Thanks very much for your advice, I will do that, and yes you are right as I noticed that when setting up the keys in the jaws they do sit very low.
  4. Can anyone tell me if there is any special technique required to cut double edge car keys with the old Silca Rekord Plus, I was told by he previous owner that it can do these keys ok, he also told me to turn the jaw block around so the side with the single slot is facing up, then place original key in the left hand jaw and the new blank into the right hand jaw, then reverse both keys to cut the other side, he also told me that when cutting the other side you have to feel for a notch what ever that means, I have searched the internet for a user manual but no luck, I have only been doing the flat laser cut keys, so this is new to me, please go easy on me, thanks
  5. Anyone know of a supplier for spares for the older type Silca Rekord Plus, I am looking for the wire brush wheel and the 2 drive belts for it, thanks in advance.
  6. I should have explained better, I mean these type of keys,
  7. Looking for a cheap key cutting machine that can cut double sided car keys like Citroen etc, anything considered
  8. so is it scrap then ? another question I have is what are the different positions on the key holder for, standard , A and W ? its really amazing that the people on this website have such great knowledge about the old machines, thanks very much for the info
  9. Thanks Graham, someone just gave me 2 machines for free, the other one is an old Manacuna 855
  10. I just wondered if anyone can identify this old machine ?
  11. I do a lot of older cars upto about 2012, so I am really looking for something that can do them, Vauxhalls, Kia, citroen, Renault, Peugeot, and I am on a limited budget of about £500
  12. I am looking for a key programmer and could do with some advice on choosing either the super obd 900 or the autel 820, can anyone advise which one i should go for please.
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