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  1. i just wondered if its possible to sight read a ford laser key, i can read the tibbe type ok but not the laser cut type, i came up with a code of 1311421353 when i used the lishi tool, but instacode says there is never a number 1 cut in the first position, this key was made in china, any ideas on this please
  2. Thanks so much Rapid Locks its all clear now, very much appreciated
  3. So I have a customer who has lost all of his keys, I input the following information into instacode Make = VW Model = golf Mk4 Year =2001 Mk4 and click search, it came up with 2 options that both had the same bitting 43221332, my cut to code machine also came up with the same bitting, so what i am trying to figure out is how did my machine and instacode arrive at this bitting, there must have been thousands of VW Golfs made in that year and surely they all have different bittings, i must be missing something here, i can decode with the lishi but i am trying to get an understanding of instacode.
  4. Not sure if im on the right section here, i have been making car keys for 5 years now and due to demand i thought its time to get into lock outs and all keys lost, I bought a cut to code machine that works great but the problem i am having is trying to get the lock codes, if i enter the lock code into instacode will this give me the bitting ? i can use the lishi picks on most vehicles to decode the locks, the instacode is Chinese to me, even after looking at many videos and reading the instructions its still not clear to me as it asks me for the code and i dont know what code its referring to or where to get the correct code for the car lock, please dont be too hard on me as i am new to all keys lost side of things, i would be most grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction to learn more about this
  5. Thanks very much to everyone for your help and advice
  6. Can anyone please suggest a decent key programmer for programming the remote central locking part to vehicle, i have no issues with transponders, its just when im trying to match the remote to the car for the central locking, thanks
  7. Ha sold it for £400, so thats not bad considering it was given to me free, so ive now bought the xhorse condor dolphin, which was about as much as i can afford at the moment
  8. Thanks Graham, im in a very bad state of health so im not really good with humour at the moment, no offence taken, thanks for the info
  9. MVP Pro for sale, with all the dongles,, smart dongle and cables etc, can post at cost, selling cheap as its now out of tokens, all very good condition and working fine, £500, will make a donation if sold
  10. Thanks very much to you guys for your info on this, it was given to me free and in very good condition, i have a good supplier for blades and cutters , but i wont be using the machine to be honest as i have other machines, just wanted to find info on it really, thanks again for your help guys.
  11. really are some idiots on this site, with spare time on there hands, nothing else to do but make sarcastic remarks, ive had enough of it here
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