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  1. Both Silca and Errebi (North Italy) are both reporting that they are still producing. However, if they can transport the goods to the uk with all the red zones is another matter.
  2. Blue headed key looks similar to the below. Again, pump orientated.
  3. I have had requests for the one on the right Howard. Key blanks for a pump of some description
  4. Hello Gents Has anyone any experience with the blanks for the Yale Y300 padlock series, in particular the 63mm. I have a customer trying to duplicate one on a YI22 (silca YA91) but is having no joy. Is there something he's missing?
  5. See attached list of Clips that should be received with each RST Mustang. Also includes measurements of each key clip. (shown in 'mm')
  6. Looks like Errebi AA47 to me
  7. Try a 1A, that is what one of our customers who sells Securit locks uses to cut extra blanks.
  8. Hi Ian We have these in stock. TS7419 is our code. Chris (RST/Tilney)
  9. @hibsjo(SCO) As the Mustang is an RST machine, we have all cutters, tracers and spares in stock. Tony is correct above, our part number is a GMUT10. http://www.cotilneykeys.co.uk/15mm-End-Mill-Tracer_p_75.html LEAVE
  10. Unfortunatley dakes2, as the manufacturing company of these machines. We have exhausted all our stock of these as they we discontinued these a while since. I can confirm the size of these belts were (170XL037), we used to use Mercury Bearings for these, but I am positive this size will be available from most belt suppliers.
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