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  1. We have a guy who could do this, we deliver to anyone in uk. www.Craggsrepairs.co.uk
  2. Thanks for replying. It’s my new account, lots of building to do! Thanks for the tips
  3. Hey all, I’m working in the quieter of year for repairs. But I can’t wait till September (when it picks up). So I’m looking for ideas to boost business. I’ve thought of going round to estate agents and maybe doing a key cutting deal? And running a shoe repair collect and drop service (not online, we do this already) around the area! Any ideas would be grateful.
  4. @mathews think it’s the timing! Damn things always missing a stitch. Then after 2nd lockdown, it seized completely.
  5. Finally my old singer has kicked the bucket, it is now a shop center piece! Built in 1901, it’s had a good life. Any older ones still working I wonder?
  6. @Jontheshoe Yes good old Sketchleys: I ran The Stevenage and then moved to Welyn Garden City Branch branch back then. Good memories, ended up marrying one of my customers after she complained about a Mr Minit (up the road in John Lewis) key that never worked! I was a right charmer back then. My key board just had A1s, 35Bs on it lol.
  7. Just chuffed to reopen again! Have been forloughed for so long (after a skint in Charles birch factory) and Mrs had a stroke! Missed my little shop, but now it’s time to rebuild. Hope everyone’s well and ready for a challenge?
  8. Coming from a heel bar background when I was younger stitching wasn’t the thing. Bars were tiny and my main customers were stilettos. Some timpsons i found (when I covered shops) had outsoles /Blake’s but they prefer to send to sarsden for stitching. So nice to have both at my shop...Getting better ever day. happy weekend all
  9. Thanks for your replies everyone. Our other shop has a older machine, with a drive belt running behind. We use it for thicker work as the welt stops adjustable for triple welt work. Changing thread on mine a ladder affair though. Not as agile as I was
  10. These are huge, can literally get both feet in one. Should keep me busy. Are we busy today? Kids go back soon.
  11. Spent all morning cleaning this beast. Anyone knows how old? Chatting with Jed my engineer and we reckon 70s. Sounds older lol
  12. Just found this community and at last I can talk about cobblering without driving my Mrs crazy. I’m halfway to 100yrs old and love my job, started in Sketchleys repairing shoes in the early 90s after running branches for years with them, I moved on to Automagic then Timpsons , now work for independent “Craggs” in Leeds. its all good now, enjoy the sunshine
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