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  1. https://www.lockpicking101.com/viewtopic.php?t=57375 There's a bit of info, not a source though
  2. Anyone have any ideas on this one, looks like a special section
  3. Old post, just had the key in, used LS11R, shaved shoulders, and tip aligned, worked a treat
  4. If you have access to it, Silca book 109, page 34
  5. Did a quick Google search, had 2 come up, 1 in Dorking, the other in Cobham, both say Permanently Closed, is there anything on the reverse side?
  6. Can't find any through suppliers, been told that we probably won't find them, does anyone have 10 of these in their stock?
  7. Hi all, looking for a domestic supplier of one of these camlocks, tried Aldridge specials to no avail, found on Ebay, but international supplier and postage a bit on the steep side, anyone have any ideas on this one?
  8. Looking for an open 16 inch, No.8 antique brass zip with black tape, looked on Birch, TCollege, Bag Spares, Kleins, Amazon, and Ebay to no avail, maybe its just a really odd one, not sure. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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