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  1. Hello I have these listed as Cavendish I’m down to my last 2 but on trying to order more looks like nobody does them Has anyone any ideas ? cheers Myles
  2. Hi Graham I’ve had to adjust the depth and move the cuts closer to the head of the key I’m down a few blanks but at least I’ve sorted it cheers Myles
  3. Hi Has anyone had any problems cutting Abs keys on a Futura pro where the outer cut if it’s a D and next to the magnet position slightly hits the magnet then obviously blunts the cutter It’s like the positions are slightly off but as I’m having no problems with keys working other than the D next to a magnet type I’m a little stumped any ideas ?? Cheers Myles
  4. Hi All Anyone come across this make of caravan locker storage keys The number on the lock barrel is SM1 ? Thanks Dave
  5. Morning Can anyone recommend a supplier of Radar keys with a small bow/head like a normal rim blank rather than the usual massive headed ones I know I could do them myself but as I’ve got a few to do was hoping to buy pre cut cheers all myles
  6. Hello Cheers for that I wasn’t sure if there was also a cutter for the internal pins
  7. Hello Can anyone confirm the cutter/cutters required to do the ABS keys on the Futura please Thanks Dave
  8. Oh bugger I’ve just bought 200 blanks looks like there going back then Cheers Graham
  9. Hi Ive been cutting the Yale Superior SA SB SC keys on Silca YA103R but had some brought back saying they don’t go in the lock at all ! Anybody had similar problems ? cheers myles
  10. Hello Its the G4 that’s worrying me ! The 4 relates to a master key ref probably but just wondered if anyone new for sure cheers
  11. Hi Ive got some lockers to do keys for and on the front of the locks is has G4 and then 4 numbers as in 8734,8726 etc are these just Garran lockers on a LF2 blank does any know ? Cheers
  12. Strangely we’ve got the blanks already but as yet haven’t had to cut any so do you use the same card as DEF keys so it’s like a silent P ?
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