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  1. My accountant takes money out as usable so very good accountant you have.
  2. Yes me 100% rent discount for three months. in two shops. waiting in the third shop landlord his difficult to deal with but I am not paying rent to him have told him.
  3. Ok hi laddies and gentlemen some good news and something that will Help you in this distress times of COVID 19. i thought I share it with you guys that I am a tenant of Transport for London and they just send me an invoice of my next 3 month rent and have decided to credit my account with it and not take it. I hope this help you guys in some way. stay safe
  4. There no date when it will be given to us but it will be your local council and there is not need to apply. They will write to you
  5. Just discussing this with my wife, she is saying the lockdown have not started yet. But I have close both shops as they were not making money atall. So would I e getting paid for this time as I am closed? There is no official lockdown in London yet. Thank you
  6. @rapidlocks @petercoulson thank you for breaking it down to us. all support is appropriate in this hard times.
  7. @rapidlocks i have Ltd company for which I am a full time employee. I have no insurance. i pay zero business rates i have two shop ( one is just verbal contract with my mate in his shop) like subletting. one shop I just bloody opened in London tube station. what are my options?
  8. It’s very quite here in London Underground. The tube is 25% less busy they say. i am down around 65%
  9. I heard if you get it once and get treatment for it meaning you beat the virus, it doesn’t mean you can’t get it again you may get it for second time.
  10. Both my shops are starting to see the bad effects of this virus.
  11. Don’t waste your time. Offer the proper price. I charge £50 for those even 65. Once the price is right and he is happy then invest your time in opening which I pretty sure you will. you are the expert not the customer. Do let us know how you get on good luck.
  12. Has it been timpson quiet year? for me since October it’s quite
  13. Hi but would they sell this blank to us? Thank you
  14. You guys are the best how do you know these things? Like who made it. Lol
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