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  1. Youngcobbler

    Watch strap replacement

    They will break most of the time because of sweaty hands they might be even rusty. I charge £7 extra every time I get these and I replace them. Always warn a customer for the difference in colour and style. Show your replacement first once they happy then do the job. a small watch bench mounted vice is helpful. Thank you
  2. Youngcobbler

    Part Time Job Vacancy

    You got it right he is good at his job but have a illness of not being good I don’t let him touch the till.
  3. Youngcobbler

    Part Time Job Vacancy

    You should post it on gumtree also. I can suggest someone text me. But he has to have second person with him in branch ideally
  4. Thank you all for the kind response. I don’t have the machines. i will send to nearest locksmith. Thank you
  5. Hi can someone tell me how to cut this key I have naver cut one before. the blank I got goes in the lock. i got a tibbie machine and I got the special jaws for the Keyline 206 mortice machine. Any help and advice would be a great help. Thank you
  6. What a successful story. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  7. Hi hope all are good I am after a shoe repair website that is properly coded by way of HTML CSS and Javascript. not Wordpress or wix etc i am about to code one I got my own domains but if there is someone who got one and it’s done up but they are not running it and have no time for it I will buy it for the correct price. Thank you
  8. Youngcobbler

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    Two shops making with you Matthews, should be good.
  9. Youngcobbler

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    I will be doing this as it’s too expensive I think and it’s not worth it until you have some contract works for these fobs. i will be using Matthew one and doing some deal with Matthew. i won’t be cheap as it’s not going to be worth it.
  10. Youngcobbler

    RW4plus for sale

    Can’t wait to receive it and try it
  11. I should have look better hahah. i will do that tonight hopefully. everyone have a great day.
  12. *********update******* i got most machines now funny enough I got rw4plus from this forum which the seller needs to contact me. I hope he will donate to the forum. i will also donate but I don’t know how to. can someone guide me on hw to donate? thank you i will start a new topic on setting the shop up.
  13. Youngcobbler

    RW4plus for sale

    Hi i tried calling you I even text on Monday to pay you but you not responding.