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  1. He did a good job and on a very good price I would have done it for £25 so £20 is great and he done it quickly for you so he is good man. So support him mate. Leave him a google review if you can. Next time do the soles and heels together they will be valuable.
  2. Youngcobbler

    RW4 - P Box & M Box

    On ebay now there is RW-4 with pbox for £400 should I buy that as I have the MBox already. Graham thank you
  3. I don’t think they have all they key referenced there. The most popular ones but naver mind it’s still good for new key cutters. Should be great for the new apprentice in the shop. Thank you
  4. Youngcobbler

    RW4 - P Box & M Box

    I have a M-box I need a RW-4 plus only. whats the difference between the plus and and rw4? Thank you
  5. Youngcobbler

    New cobbler

    Lol no I am from a city called Charsadda in Pakistan. Check it out. Next time I go there I will make a few videos and pictures of people making them. In all major cities there is a cobbler centre in Pakistan called “muchi Bazaar”.
  6. Tony is great helped me with my 884mini over the phone give me his mobile number was really impressed
  7. Youngcobbler


    I understand and agree with you but I am getting guys that wants to leave instantly, I need a helper also this is the main reason I am teaching after a while I will support in opening a shop for them.
  8. Hello everyone i am new to the forum I am from London I have got one small shop where I do key cutting shoe and watch repairs and I am glad to say I am making profits but it’s with very hard work that I am doing. i am here to get to know others and learn from their vast knowledge and give my thoughts wherever possible. now (maybe) the most hated part to some of you will be that I have learned from timpson , And I haven’t done a bad job in learning from then(I think lol) i hope no ones gets on to me because I am extimpson worker. on this note my vallage back home is famous in the world for making hand made sandals lol.
  9. I will you with the questions and tell you the exact answers lol first time pass on the theory but practical is on you, but most area tester will not judge you harsh so be relaxed and aim for the best it’s easy buddy.
  10. Youngcobbler


    Hi to all you lovely people. this is my first post, I am desperately looking to train some young fella but all want to learn one thing and not the other plus they want to learn leave to open there own shop and not help me atall, which is sad.