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  1. Hi hope all are good I am after a shoe repair website that is properly coded by way of HTML CSS and Javascript. not Wordpress or wix etc i am about to code one I got my own domains but if there is someone who got one and it’s done up but they are not running it and have no time for it I will buy it for the correct price. Thank you
  2. Youngcobbler

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    Two shops making with you Matthews, should be good.
  3. Youngcobbler

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    I will be doing this as it’s too expensive I think and it’s not worth it until you have some contract works for these fobs. i will be using Matthew one and doing some deal with Matthew. i won’t be cheap as it’s not going to be worth it.
  4. Youngcobbler

    RW4plus for sale

    Can’t wait to receive it and try it
  5. I should have look better hahah. i will do that tonight hopefully. everyone have a great day.
  6. *********update******* i got most machines now funny enough I got rw4plus from this forum which the seller needs to contact me. I hope he will donate to the forum. i will also donate but I don’t know how to. can someone guide me on hw to donate? thank you i will start a new topic on setting the shop up.
  7. Youngcobbler

    RW4plus for sale

    Hi i tried calling you I even text on Monday to pay you but you not responding.
  8. Youngcobbler

    Key help

    I cut it with multilock blank Mathew she is not back but if she does will let you know here.i saw the customer walk pass my shop twice so I guess it worked.
  9. Keith at standard gave a me very competitive price for a machine with a press and in very good condition but just a little out of my budget for a new shop but in future will keep them in mind. also siserve Peter send in a very good quote on lots of machines for the new shop but I look at and say hardly anyone does shoe repairs now so no point spending big money on shoe repair machines for start up business. You can expand as you go a the right time. big thank you to standard and siserve.
  10. Youngcobbler

    Wanted silca bravo

    Would you be doing shoe repairs by any chance?
  11. Youngcobbler

    Zip needed

    Did you want them?
  12. Youngcobbler

    RW4plus for sale

    Thank you for your patience and accepting my offer.
  13. Youngcobbler

    RW4plus for sale

    Nah it’s ok Graham.