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  1. ta as soon as buyer pays i,ll drop and donate, should be sometime today
  2. now sold can a moderator let me know how to donate please mark
  3. there around 530 assorted mailny paws etc
  4. i have over 500 assorted pet tags all new most in the original bags 200 the lot free postage and donation to forum ta
  5. Told Timpsons are closing down Johnson dry cleaners and Jeeves in London Covid hurting a lot of shops
  6. 14months for a credit note was tired of messaging them in the end
  7. they are the worst ever in this trade with invoice problems i waited 14 months for a credit note once 1 of the reasons i don't use them as much
  8. looks good but wouldnt have had finisher by counter would of had that at the back also polishing brush too close to counter hard to get shoe around
  9. could be is it counter top or floor standing only guess is courier would be dearer than cabinet at that distance
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